Intended Purposes of Polyurathane

Polyurathane has a wide usage area. More than 75% of the polyurathane consumption in the world is aimed at foam production. The foams being rigid and elastic have nearly the equal market share.

Both Elastic and rigid foam are generally used with other materials. To give an example, elastic foams are used in the back of upholstery fabric of the furniture. Rigid foams are generally used in the metal and plastic walls of refrigerators and fridges. Rigid foams are more commonly used in construction sector for isolation.

The usage of polyurathane in clothing also increases. Polyurathane is also used in the frames of doors and Windows and in facings.

Polyurathane foam is also possible to be used in sound isolation as well as heat isolation. It is also commonly used for industrial insulating and packing materials.

The usage rates of polyurathane in the USA as from 2004 are as below:

Building and Construction Sector %26.8

Shipping Sector%23.8

Furniture Sector%20.7

Equipment Sector%5.1

Packing Sector%4.6

Textile Sector%3.3

Machine Sector%3.3

Electronic %1.4

Shoes& Slippers%0.7

Other %10.2