What is Polyurathane?

Polyurathane are the polymers composing of organic units chain including carbamate connections and these are found by Otto Bayer and et al in 1937( Leverkusen, Germany).

The polymer comprising the product of the reaction between proIsocyanate and hydroxyl groups repetitiously is called as ''Polyurathane''. The morphology of the polymer is shaped as to the molecule, structure and charachter of diol and isocyanate used.

First rigid polyurathane foam was produced in 1947, elastic polyurathane foams were produced in 1954.

The raw material which became very popular by manifecturing half rigid polyurathane foams in otomobile industry in the beginning of 1960s has today more than 11 thousand derivatives known.

Polyurathane, which we are not aware but we use everywhere under our hand, is now an unchangable part of the branches such as otomotive, sponge, shoes, transportation, cooling, isolation, furniture, textile, food, electronics, dye, industrial parts manifecture and health but it has not find its place completely in building and construction sector.