What is Rigid Polyurathane Foam?

Two component called as Poliol and MDI ( Metil Di İzosiyanat) when come together, the material mixed dilates and it comprises rigid polyurathane foam by getting rigid.

Polyurathane rigid foam comes about as a result of the reaction of two chemicals called POLIOL and ISOCYANATE. It is in accordance with Europe EN 2653. Additionally, available carbondioxide in the mixture enables the mixture becoming polimerised foaming. As CO2 is not sufficient to drop the foam intensity to the required level, additional puffing agencies such as HCFC 141b and Pentan are applied in the mixture. To control the speeds of polymerization and gas reactions smoothly, special accelerators are added. Special cell regulators are placed in order to have the control of dimensions and thickness of the walls and to obtain closed cell structure in high rate.And also special flame retarder agencies and additional materials are added to make the rigid polyurathane foam to gain flame retarding feature in the required measure. Polyurathane Foam is a construction and building material having a cellular structure and being closed cell and having low intensity. It is the most fertile isolation material with the lowest thickness. It has become the most preferred material in the isolations of FLOOR, WALL, TERRACE and ROOF thanks to the low heat transmittance of the inflation agency. It is light and long life.

Polyurathane Foam is a construction and building material having a cellular structure and being closed cell and having low intensity.Thanks to the low thermal transmittance of inflation pressure stucked in the cells, it provides a great heat isolation.

The products called as rigid polyurathane foams of the known 11000 derivatives of polyurathane came into our life in the beginning of 1970s with household refrigerators.

Rigid polyurathane foams are possible to manifecture in the intensity interval of 6-1200 kg-m3 as to intended use.

It is applied with pouring and spraying methods.

While the energy politics emerging as a result of global warming's becoming a serious threat, suggest that all kind of energy and natural resources should be used in the most rational and fertile way, the polyurathane rigid foams come into prominence as the best isolation material in the isolation sector.

Rigid polyurathane foams deserving to be the best isolation material with its closed cell structture and stucking of the enviromentally friendly gases into the cells are already being used in building and construction sectors slowly, neverthless it should reach the place it deserves.